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Krakow Balloon is now taking part in aeronautical measuring campaign, as part of European Copernicus Project

On the night of 10 to 11 March, Krakow Balloon crew accompanied by a team of scientists from AGH Krakow University of Science and Technology, performed a series of aeronautical measurements in the centre of Krakow. The balloon was equipped with instruments measuring atmosphere composition, as well as meteorological conditions. To name a few: Picarro G2311-f – precise greenhouse gases analyzer, TSI Inc. OPS3330 – optical particle sizer.

The measurement flights were performed every hour from 8:00 PM March 10th, to 8:00 AM March 11th. This was the first such series of measurements on Krakow Balloon, and probably first in Poland.

The aim of these measurements was to investigate vertical distribution of contamination and greenhouse gases in the urban atmosphere. This data will be used to validate satellite data, collected as a part of the European Copernicus project.

The campaign was organized as a part of European Union CoCO2 project, funded by Horizon2020 programme – composed of 25 partners from Europe.