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About us

Take a ride in a tethered balloon with a viewing platform, up to 150 meters.The platform can carry at most 30 passengers, including the pilot. This is unique and exciting experience, that leaves unforgettable sensations.

Our localization – Wołyński Boulevard – provides breathtaking view of the old town’s building plan, which is now available for everyone – children, people with disabilities and elders.

The installation is first in Poland, and one of only few around the world. Krakow is a outstanding city, which should be shown to tourists and citizens exactly from up above:

„From a birds view – unlike in many European cities, in Krakow the middle ages’ city plan is clearly visible. When we raise above rooftops, we will see rare checked street system, nowadays surrounded only by ruins of the defensive wall.

The view speaks to the mind and recalls fascinating image of Thirteen Century’s Stronghold City, surrounded by walls, reinforced with 47 towers, ran around for 3 km. 8 main gates led to the city. Until today only on of them preserved. The walls protected not only people, but also architectural pearls.”