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Opening hours:

Information about flights: from 8.00 to 20.00 7 days a week.

Flights are highly dependant on weather conditions and take place 7 days a week, for a whole year up to 22.00, sometimes even longer.

Every time before coming to the balloon please make sure that flights are being held by calling +48 500 350 505. Flights take place only if weather conditions are  relevant! 

Please note: flights can be suspended due to the change of weather without information in advance.

Minimal duration of the flight: 10 min

Technical data:

Passengers count: 1 – 30

Passengers count took on board can vary because of wind speed, temperature and atmospheric pressure. The pilot, knowing current conditions is in charge of deciding how many passengers will be taken on board.

Maximal wind speed allowing flights to be held: 13 m/s (46.5 km/h; 25 kn)

Gas inside the balloon: helium – 6000 m3

The envelope of the balloon is built with helium cell which takes 90% of the balloon volume and is filled with helium with a very high purity (99.995%). Helium is a neutral, non-flamable noble gas, lighter than air. 

First zeppelins were filled with inflammable hydrogen, nowadays inflating balloons with hydrogen is forbidden.

As Archimedesches Prinzip says, balloon raises up, because buoyancy force acting on it is bigger than gravitational force.

One cubic meter of helium is capable of lifting approximately 1 kg. With that being said, 6000 cubic meters of helium can lift about 6 tons. Subtracting the weight of balloon’s envelope, net and gondola, which in summary is about 2.25 tons, we get the lift of the balloon – 3.75 tons. The balloon with 30 passengers on board still has 1.2 ton of free lift, which helps it stabilise against the wind. The stronger the wind is, the less passengers can be took, to maintain enough stability.

Maximal height of an ascend: 275 m

The biggest possible height balloon is able to ascend to is 275 m, the top of the balloon is then at 310 m, however normal operating height is between 120 m and 150 m.

Diameter of the envelope: 22.46 m

Diameter of the gondola: 5.8 m

Diameter of the steel tether cable: 22 mm

Safety factor: 10


The whole system is designed with a very high safety margin – established safety factor exceeds SF10. Viewing platform has all the certificates demanded by EU for aircrafts, including EASA homologation, and our company has Air Operator’s Certificate (AOC), given by Polish Civil Flight Authority.